Creative Workshops for Organizational Success

Company core values are brought to life with a fun and energizing heart-making exercise. Each individual gets a heart form to enhance and build upon as a symbol of the part they play in contributing to the company’s mission. This method of working directly with materials engages everyone.

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This workshop emphasizes mindfulness and ways to navigate with courage. Individuals are led through an enjoyable process and build a Spirit Boat that boosts confidence and taps into under-utilized skill sets. One makes new connections between mind, body and spirit to feel more centered and willing to take on new challenges. A lively and supportive environment helps participants express their creative energies while finding more capacity for empathy with each other.

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A unique method of drawing where participants are released from the usual expectations when the word drawing comes up. The process puts them in a mindful state that opens fresh perspectives. The drawing is done in an easy and automatic way that taps into innate intuition. This is a refreshingly simple process with no right or wrong.

The physical drawing can help one concretize ideas on paper through tactile learning

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