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Symbols – Historical Meaning

An interesting history of the word symbol can be found in Clare Gibson’s book, Signs and Symbols.  She writes that the word symbol “derives from the ancient Greek custom of breaking a clay slate into pieces and giving a piece to each member of a group before their dispersal; when they reconvened, the pieces […]

Confidence as a Bank Account

How do we build confidence in our workshops? This is an internal process that is felt inside of a person. You just know when you have it and feel it keenly when you don’t. It is like a surge that propels  you forward with ease. Just like a boat launched into the water- it […]


I experienced a dose of empathy yesterday during a conversation with an integration manager for a corporation who is going through an intense and exciting merger. It was described to me as a David and Goliath scenario. I know people in the David camp and have worked with them over the years and now […]

Left Brain/Right Brain – as Trees

Right brain qualities can be seen as an oak tree- flowing and open.
Left-brain qualities can be seen as a pine tree- linear in nature, sturdy and reliable.

Houses can be built with both trees, for they each have their own strengths and qualities.
Boat making uses both.  Oak makes the form of the hull for the […]

Our Theme: Navigation & Change

Our theme is navigation and change. From the start, we have used the boat as the container for ideas and as a vehicle for a company to move forward. It began with a Spirit Boat and how I used it in my work and life. When our coach at the Small Business Development Center […]

First Influences

Around 1994, Chip Conley told my design group the story of how he began Joie De Vivre Hotels using magazines as the theme for each hotel’s environment. He began with one hotel, the Phoenix and used the Rolling Stone Magazine as the theme, transformed that first property as the platform from which Conley launched […]

Genesis – The Big Idea

In 1988, working in an office, we experienced first hand the mind numbing aspect of a daily routine without a creative break. As artists, we know that art can be used as an antidote to these negative effects. In 2000, we asked ourselves the question- what if we had an art class available to […]