How do we build confidence in our workshops? This is an internal process that is felt inside of a person. You just know when you have it and feel it keenly when you don’t. It is like a surge that propels  you forward with ease. Just like a boat launched into the water- it goes smoothly into the flow of the current. When one makes a boat- they feel the surge that comes from doing something meaningful. The symbolism of the boat and the action combines to go deep into the person and finds that place where a special kind of knowledge is stored. It is like having an internal confidence bank account and our boat making time is a deposit in that account. And you can make a withdrawal when you need to.

Speaking of bank accounts, we recently toured the Old San Francisco Mint, a historic building that is now a museum. It was the venue for the graduating class of the SF Art Institute so we enjoyed art in combination with architecture.  It was great to get close to some beautiful details on the metal of the vault doors.  The hardware and the locks were crafted at a time when attention to decoration was significant. This was around the time of the Gold Rush and money was being minted in this place. Looking at these decorated mechanisms made us aware how this hardware helped to protected the money inside.  At this time, this mint held one third of the gold in the United States.

There is gold inside of all of us. Our workshops are like a withdrawal from our internal deposit of gold that contributes to a sense of well being. When one gets in touch with their center of confidence, one can move ahead more swiftly with clarity.