You have an innate talent that can be unlocked easily with the right tools. Here are the ways our tools work. The processes are both additive and subtractive in nature. One experiences both for there is a lot of give and take that happens naturally just as kids learn when playing with each other. When you make a boat, you feel in touch with the natural way you played with things as a child. The steps include, choosing a shape, combining shapes and materials, adjusting dimensions, reassembling, modifying for better fit, applying and connecting materials, discarding what is not working, accepting limitations, finding inspiration in what is at hand, looking for what is symbolic, and adding new meaning to results. At the conclusion, one has all of these wrapped up as a sculptural object that is invested with one’s talents and demonstrates personal mastery.

How do these decision making actions apply to business? Each of these occurs in rapid succession during a work day. We are making choices, combining our resources, adjusting the scope of our projects, reworking ideas, modifying our goals, applying what we know, having to accept many set backs and yet looking for inspiration that can carry us above the low points. We can use the power of symbols at any point in the day. What kind of symbolic power is invested in your company logo? And how can that spark team spirit?

NCWS-WH_7366smOur basic tools are shapes that relate to everyone because they are so familiar. The boat is a universal icon and symbol of movement across water.  This symbol is one we use to engage everyone in the shared journey.