02_ConfTableAround 1994, Chip Conley told my design group the story of how he began Joie De Vivre Hotels using magazines as the theme for each hotel’s environment. He began with one hotel, the Phoenix and used the Rolling Stone Magazine as the theme, transformed that first property as the platform from which Conley launched himself into the stratosphere. These ideas had high resonance for me, as a muralist who was always working with themes. In 2011, we begin to integrate Conley’s book, “Peak-how companies get their mojo from Maslow” into our thinking, taking action by signing on with the Small Business Development Center of San Francisco to design our creative programs.

In 2006, our friend, Cory Silver, gave us a the gift of the book, “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future ” by Daniel Pink.  Cory said way back then, “see- you guys are way ahead of your time- you artists will rule the world!”. He had experienced a few of our trials, bringing art classes into businesses. Having Cory sit in on several of our workshops was valuable because of his experience in the corporate world and that he believed in our tools. He wanted to see us succeed and knew Pink’s book had some great keys for us, opening up doors with concepts around design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning. Pink even shows an example of his self portrait that he tried after using another favorite resource for us, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”by Betty Edwards. We were in the right territory but needed time and some tools before arriving at our destination.