01a_JE-Gr01b_Leo-sIn 1988, working in an office, we experienced first hand the mind numbing aspect of a daily routine without a creative break. As artists, we know that art can be used as an antidote to these negative effects. In 2000, we asked ourselves the question- what if we had an art class available to us at lunch time or even after work? And imagined how energizing that would have been.  Many times we have heard- I would like to take an art class but I don’t have the time. We saw ourselves helping others and saving them time by bringing the art class to them at work. An idea was born and we began to do test classes. We were able to find a vacant office space downtown San Francisco that was given to us by the property manager for a mid-day drawing class. The word was spread by fliers and an elevator capture screen that attracted several people who were happy to come and draw from our set ups and the great city views. Things shifted after 9/11 so our idea was put on the back burner until we found a collaboration with another office that gave us space to use at lunchtime. The start was simple and grounded in a solid theme. How to bring art processes into the business world so that people feel better. By enjoying a creative break, one does better at work. When you are enjoying yourself, you integrate learning faster and easier.