Healing Spirit Boats

Tactile Results with Boat Making – 2 Hours

This workshop emphasizes mindfulness and ways to navigate with courage.  Individuals are led through an enjoyable process and build a Spirit Boat that boosts confidence and taps into under-utilized skill sets. One makes new connections between mind, body and spirit to feel more centered and willing to take on new challenges. A lively and supportive environment helps participants express their creative energies while finding more capacity for empathy with each other. One sees their co-workers with fresh eyes that leads to more informed understandings.  Tactile rewards come from constructing a little model boat that holds much larger ideas.

At the conclusion, the discussion opens new insights that are naturally generated by the activity. There is flow, exchange and integration in a unique and totally engaging experience that can have a lasting impact.

Individuals say this process is rejuvenating and revelational. The workshop engenders a shift from a narrow to a more global perspective.

What I realized was the certainly there are things that are outside your boat; there is no point in spending a whole lot of time worrying about those. And I really didn’t. I knew I would get progressively better, and I viewed that more as a challenge. I constantly tested myself and set goals about improving. I knew I couldn’t”t control the things outside my boats, but there was enough in my boat that I could use to get better and to reevaluate my career, my family and my situation in life.

Charlie Jones, “That’s Outside My Boat”

relieve-stress-insertCelebrate diversity and the power of the individual – each person will build their unique style of boat. Participants share materials and see each other in new roles as inventors, producing memorable takeaways of their shared experience.

Release stress from digital overload

  • Release stress from digital overload
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve communications through art
  • Design process with unique materials
  • Instill courage to face the unfamiliar