Drawing is having a Renaissance. People are using paper and pencil to access inner strengths.

Benefits of Meditation are now valid science.

Mindfulness is powerful medicine.

I combine these strengths in a non-traditional process. This helps one find a sustainable way to increase a sense of well being. I encourage people to let go of the expectations around the usual drawing skills to find freedom in making a line. The drawing is paired with a guided journey I lead. This gives the participant a story that will take them out of their usual mindset and a structure to the drawing. Everyone begins from the same point.

My life’s purpose is to help people come alive and find more within themselves by engaging with art. In this workshop, we focus on the magic of pencil and paper. Simple tools for profound results.

I will present my MEDITATION DRAWING WORKSHOP at Mayo Clinic on October 25th as part of   https://ce.mayo.edu/special-topics-in-health-care/content/humanities-medicine-symposium-2019#group-tabs-node-course-default1

My self-portrait drawing was created for this symposium. It accompanies a Pecha Kucha style powerpoint that tells the story of my Meditation Drawing process. My slide show illustrates how medical professionals and students can better sustain a balance of mind, body and spirit using this process. I stress how one can experience drawing in a unique, out-of-the-box way with eyes closed and pencil in the unaccustomed hand. This puts the drawer in the unfamiliar which is where mindfulness opens wider. The drawing is purposefully loose, more like a scribble than a sketch. The self-critic is held at bay.

B E N E F I T S 

Experience slowing down to find flow and rejuvenation.

Have more clarity by shifting from a narrow to a wider viewpoint   

Find more capacity for empathy and understanding of our human nature

Transform the act of seeing by touching base with one’s inner artist