Meditation Drawing

For Individuals or Groups

A unique method of drawing where participants are released from the usual expectations when the word drawing comes up. The process puts them in a mindful state that opens fresh perspectives. The drawing is done in an easy and automatic way that taps into innate intuition. This is a refreshingly simple process with no right or wrong.

The physical drawing can help one concretize ideas on paper through tactile learning
This method is designed for people at all levels and attitudes. No drawing experience is necessary. Results in one being transported to a zone of flow in a very short time. It reaffirms our human potential.


Drawing method helps people so they can:

  • Access inner resources and emotional intelligence
  • Slow down to experience flow and rejuvenation
  • Have more clarity
  • Shift from a narrow to a global viewpoint
  • Find more capacity for empathy

Feedback From Participants:

“I felt such a sense of relaxation”
Sam Shoulders

“I was connected to the kid in me”
Renne Sylvia

“I was transported to another place. I felt like I was far away”
Susan Prentice

“At first I felt resistant but it was so pleasurable that I just let go and enjoyed the experience”
Jose Portilla

“It was so different and fun. I learned a lot about myself”
Matt Frederick