Navigate Success

Team-Build with Boats – 4 Hours

Combine strategic thinking with taking action through our process that results in a boat trophy. Using your company’s challenge, we engage your teams to meet that challenge using both right and left brain approaches to a solution.

I sat in the center of the dinghy, facing the stern, my destination somewhere behind me, a landfall I couldn’t see. I had to judge where I was headed from where I had been, and acquired perceptions with has served me well- for goals of my life and especially my work, haven’t always been visible point of light on a shore that looms in front of me. They are fixed in my imagination shrouded and indistinct, and I detect them best when my eyes are closed. All too often I am force to move toward them backward. kike a boy in a rowboat, kidding myself by a cultivated inner sense of direction which tells me I’m on course, tending toward the place I want to be.

Richard Bode, “First You Have to Row a Little Boat”

navigate-success-insertUsing our proprietary Tool Deck, and a fresh approach to a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) analysis, teams take on new roles while practicing innovation. Individuals demonstrate innate skills while going through our process, resulting in new ways of thinking. A model boat is the trophy produced for their part in meeting the challenge.

Arriving at the dock, teams connect to exchange ideas and observations with the confidence gained from thinking creatively and tactile learning.

  • Visualize better decisions
  • Better communication
  • Fresh approach to a SWOT anaylsis
  • Unique collaboration for teams
  • app solutions