Open Potential

Shapes Show Direction

Reveal one’s worldview and internal processes through ranking five universal shapes that guide a personal course of action guided by our worksheet. A design exercise integrates the five shapes resulting in a personal logo that signifies an individual’s path.

Over ninety percent of all students and of all workshop and conference participants validated that there is one positional choice that is relevant tool for assisting transformation in current life situations. Results from the test also revealed that shape preferences are a good barometer of inner processes. The five shapes, I concluded, are indeed external symbols of internal psychic states.

In every case, the test results can help managers and career counselors appropriately match a person with a job in a way that will promote individual career growth as well as overall productivity.

Angeles Arrien, “Signs of LIfe”

open-potential-insertBecoming more aware of inner strength and motivations for self improvement, participants discover their inner road map, what to move towards, and what to let go of. This exercise also highlights the same aspects in colleagues so that teams can reflect on what has been discovered and be more effective by having fresh insights about each other.

  • Team-Building
  • New tools for communication
  • Reveal motivations and strengths
  • Self empowerment