03_JE-900pOur theme is navigation and change. From the start, we have used the boat as the container for ideas and as a vehicle for a company to move forward. It began with a Spirit Boat and how I used it in my work and life. When our coach at the Small Business Development Center saw my web site, www.jenniferewing.com, he got excited and said- we can build off of this for your next business. We navigated new water, taking a few years to develop strategies using boat making and other modules incorporating the heart, universal shapes and landscapes as tools. They are all based in art, an area where  we find our strengths and can guide others.

Starting with something compelling, like a landscape, or a boat or heart, we developed methods that are easy to integrate and use because they are fun. When you are having fun and are more relaxed, information gets digested faster. The spark between the right brain and the left brain is powerful. The art ignites learning and makes the experience memorable and longer lasting.