Stress Reliever

Tactile Results with Boat Making – 2 Hours

Individuals relieve stress by building a boat using recycled plastic bottles. Self confidence is developed by personalizing a boat with fun art materials. A lively and supportive environment helps participants express their creative energies while being totally engaged in a unique process.

What I realized was the certainly there are things that are outside your boat; there is no point in spending a whole lot of time worrying about those. And I really didn’t. I knew I would get progressively better, and I viewed that more as a challenge. I constantly tested myself and set goals about improving. I knew I couldn’t”t control the things outside my boats, but there was enough in my boat that I could use to get better and to reevaluate my career, my family and my situation in life.

Charlie Jones, “That’s Outside My Boat”

relieve-stress-insertCelebrate diversity and the power of the individual – each person will build their unique style of boat. Participants share materials and see each other in new roles as inventors, producing memorable takeaways of their shared experience.

  • Release stress from digital overload
  • Enhanced creative spirit
  • Improved communications|Innovation with new materials