The Workshops

Core Values

Get to the Heart – 2 Hours

Company core values are brought to life with a fun and energizing heart-making exercise. Each individual gets a heart form to enhance and build upon as a symbol of the part they play in contributing to the company’s mission. This method of working directly with materials engages everyone.

Participants explore and make aesthetic choices while working side by side with colleagues. In creating the heart, they experience integration of their ideas and feelings with a sculptural form. Results give individuals confidence by their contribution to the process. Transformation is experienced directly as one works with their hands to build success step by step resulting in an art piece invested with personal expression.

  • Ice Breaker or refocus exercise for groups
  • Snapshot of company core values at work
  • Individuals contribute their innate talents
  • Unique take-away
Stress Reliever
Navigate Success
Memory Power
Open Potential